2019 02’ – Northern Lights Trip Day 2 – Kraków, POLAND

Arrived in Kraków, Poland. This is my first time visiting Poland in my life. So Excited! It was quite heavy for the first day in Kraków as we went to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum. A lot of sad history needs to be taken. Couldn’t believe all these happened just 79 years ago. Nearly 1.1 millions innocent people were dead in this camp and 90% were Jews. Initially, most of them thought they were able to go to a new safe place. Sadly, they were sent to a dead place. Most of them were executed in the Gas Chamber. Their hair, shoes, clothes and all the personal belongings were collected from all these people. Stack and stack of all these items were displayed in the camp now. It is really heart breaking to see all these. War! Anger! Hate! Really sad!!! Sigh……

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